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Connecting for social impact

CONNECT helps graduate students and community organizations across the globe work together to increase impact through better data and program evaluation practices.

"Our CONNECT Fellow provided a wealth of useful information
that will positively impact the Dana Center for many years to come."


- Afi Wiggins

Our Approach

The CONNECT program seeks to activate learning from data and build both capacity and interest in greater data, measurement and evaluation capacity within community organizations. It achieves this through scoping projects, recruiting graduate students, determining matches, providing support, and awarding fellowships.

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Working collaboratively

Increase access to UT talent

Working collaboratively

Introduce future leaders to social sector

Working collaboratively

Build data and evaluation capacity

Updated outputs April 2024

Project Categories

Working collaboratively

Measurement strategy

Defining programmatic outcomes, identifying measurable indicators, and developing evaluation frameworks.

Working collaboratively

Data collection & tool development

Developing or improving strategy and design methods for collecting and tracking program success.

Working collaboratively

Data interpretation & Analysis

Analyzing results over time and interpreting or communicating them to various stakeholders.

Working collaboratively

Advanced Analytics

Beyond basic data analysis.


Working collaboratively

I'm a graduate student with data skills.

Let's connect your data skills with an organization that needs your help.


My organization has a data challenge.

We can get you the help you need to solve your data challenge.